I have a very simple question to ask all of you.

When you deem any criticism of a politician of color as racist, are you not the one committing the racist or bigoted act?

As a side note, did anyone sit back and see what President Trump actually exposed over the last few days concerning his tweet about Congressmen Cummings and his district of Baltimore? Did you notice that it was not President Trump that connected the rat and rodent infestation in Baltimore to race, it was his enemies, the media and Liberals who made that connection? Might there be some racism and or bigotry in that connection.

Where are the real racist and bigots? It is easy to see if you actually open your eyes and minds. They are the one’s calling other people racist for pointing out the problems of the cities that are run by liberals and the Democratic Party. For example, the last time Baltimore had a Republican mayor was 50 years ago.  

People without an ounce of racism and bigotry will point out a problem no matter where it is or who is causing or not helping it.  Because the color of someone’s skin or who they prefer to sleep with has no bearing in their thought process.  People who do harbor some level of racism and or bigotry always have race or some other characteristic in the forefront of their minds, which to me means they are the actual racist and or bigots.

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