How did we go from being told that the color of one's skin should not matter and I agree with that, to the color of a person's skin does matter?

How did we go from MLK’s dream “that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”.  To the Cartoon Network teaching children that their dream now is that children will one day live in a nation where they will be judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character?

The Daily Caller is reporting about the Cartoon Network launching what they are calling a Public Service Announcement (PSA) or what I would call a Public Non-Service Announcement (PNSA) that tells children to look at each other and first see the color of their skin and by doing so you will “be anti-racist”.

The PSA describes itself as:

“It’s important to SEE people in all their beautiful COLORS. When you see color and the unique experiences that come from it, you can recognize the role racism plays in our culture AND appreciate everyone and their diversity”

The following is the what the characters on the PNSA say:

“colorblindness is our game because everyone’s the same. Everybody join our circle, doesn’t matter if you’re white, or black, or purple.

Hold up a minute here, who wrote this?...I think it kind of does matter that I’m purple. I mean, I’m purple because I’m literally an alien.

Well I’m not an alien, but it definitely matters to me that I’m black

Yeah, it makes a difference that I’m white...I know the two of us get treated very differently.

I think people add the black, white or purple thing because adding a fantasy race in there helps distract from the actual racism black people have to deal with

Right...My experience with anti-black racism is really specific. Other people of color experience other forms of racism, too. But you won’t see any of that if you don’t see color.

So this entire public service announcement could be a ploy to avoid talking about racism altogether...Hey, could we get a rewrite where we appreciate each other without erasing what makes each of us different?”

The PNSA then shows a graphic that states “See color. Be anti-racist”.

See for yourself:

Really, look at me as a color and then you are on the path to be an anti-racist.

That is a 180-degree departure from what I was taught growing up.  I was told if you see me as a color you are a racist.  So which one is it?

Are the people pushing this “see me as a color” the true racist or bigots?

Here is my PSA, keep your children away from the Cartoon Network.  They are attempting to brainwash your children to become people who do not look at the content of one's character first but their skin.

Also, be very aware of what your children are being taught at school and other television programs, your children's lives depend on it.


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