Since the election is over it appears Whitmer is once again starting her economic shutdown of the state of Michigan.  Last night at a press conference Whitmer announced some pretty wide-ranging new restrictions that will start with high schools, colleges and restaurants.  She stated these new shutdowns will be in effect for 3 weeks and end on December 8th.   Remember when she told us that about 8 months ago and the economic and educational shutdowns did not stop for at least 6 months when the Michigan Supreme Court stated she was acting unconstitutionally?

She stated the “the situation has never been more dire...we are at the precipice, and we need to take some action”. She added this is the “worst moment" in this pandemic.  If the shutdown did not stop the pandemic the first time she shut the state down for over 7 months what makes her think her killing of business and children’s education will do anything different than the first one?

In 3 weeks if she does not continue the economic and educational shutdowns the virus is still out there and will continue to infect people.

Has anyone asked the question why the numbers started to pick up in the middle of October?

What was the change agent to make that occur?

Are there more people with the flu that are being hospitalized?

What is the breakdown of illnesses or procedures for each hospital bed filled?

Also, Whitmer has not allowed anyone to look at or audit the COVID-19 numbers that she reports Monday through Saturday.  She stopped reporting the numbers on Sunday about 2 months ago I can only presume because she thought the Pandemic was not serious enough to do so.

Her new shutdowns are starting with in-person instruction at high schools and colleges statewide as well as eat-in dining at restaurants and bars.  She has denied the science when it comes to young people contracting the virus and the effects of the virus when they do contract it.  She has also determined that high school athletics must also be suspended. As if she has not done enough harm to children, teenagers and young adults' education and life experiences.

When it comes to in-person classroom instruction, I do not even know many schools that are doing that any longer for 6th grade and higher.  I know several children, teenagers and young adults who tell me they know nobody who believes they are getting anything out of the virtual educational instruction they are receiving these days.

It does not end there, all casinos and movie theaters will be temporarily shut down, and she is asking, for right now, that all businesses allow their employees to work from home if possible.

In case you are wondering how she has the power to enact these new restrictions since the Michigan Supreme Court stated what she did in the spring, summer and early fall was illegal and unconstitutional.  These new restrictions are being issued under the authority of the Michigan Public Health Code and the director Robert Gordon.

During her press conference, Governor Whitmer asked for unity in helping to stop the spread of the virus.  Her example of unity to the people of Michigan was to not include the state House or Senate in any form of consultation concerning these new shutdowns.  Reporting from the Detroit News stated that Michigan Senate Majority Leader Republican Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, said Whitmer did not include advice from lawmakers in her new restrictions and:

"We are disappointed that Gov. Whitmer chose to go it alone, again...The Senate Republicans will continue working with our doctors and the medical community on ways we can combat this virus and are ready to work with the governor when she decides to work as a team to fight this virus."

Does it end there, of course not.  Under her new order, indoor residential gatherings, which means family homes, will be limited to two households at any one time.

She told all of us Michiganders if we actually have the audacity to consider spending Thanksgiving with people or family members outside of our household:

“I urge you to reconsider”

Or what Gretchen?

Whitmer went on to say:

“As hard as it is not seeing them this Thanksgiving, imagine how much harder it would be if you weren’t able to see them for a future holiday ever again.”

The fact that she believes you will not be able to see them at future holidays but also their funeral since she banned you from going to them in the past.  Of course except if someone who passed was one of them, the politicians or someone they determined was an important Democrat.  Then you were able to have as large as a funeral you wanted.

Again I remind you she has not allowed any transparency or audits of her COVID-19 numbers and I know several people who were told they tested positive for COVID-19 before they ever took a test.  People have contacted me who were told their loved ones who died were coded as Covid-19 deaths and they stated they never had taken any test to determine so.

Here we go again Michigan.

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