Are you tired of hearing the back and forth on how schools should handle the wearing of masks in the classroom? Yeah, me too.

Michiganders have been pushing the governor on the topic and have been wondering why she isn't mandating mask policies in schools. She said local leaders were the best avenue for such policies and continued to “strongly encourage” the use of masks to lower coronavirus transmission rates.

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Gov. Whitmer:

It is not easy but we know that school boards, working with parents, it’s the best way to move forward and protect kids and their workforce.


At this time, there isn’t a conversation about a broad epidemic order.

We know masks lower the spread of coronavirus. Is it 100%? Of course not but it's definitely better than nothing. I'm not here to debate on whether you think masks work or not, I feel we are way beyond that...or should be anyway.

Honestly, I don't care if they mandate masks in schools or they don't. If they say kids need to wear them, well, I guess my kid will have to wear one. If they say it's not mandatory, then I'll leave it up to my 16-year-old (yes, he's vaccinated). I'm not going to run around and jump up and down acting like a big baby about it, life is too short for that crap.

According to MLive, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has issued health guidance for schools, including a recommendation for schools to require masks be worn by students and staff.

The whole thing is really exhausting.

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