Go ahead, admit it.

Every sneeze, every cough, every wheeze, when you feel hot or cold, you feel an ache or pain you haven't felt before, you're feeling sluggish and more...you're asking yourself...

"Is this it, do I have the Coronavirus?" If you have those feelings, I know that you are certainly not alone. Now while I'm not questioning every cough and sneeze like I was in the beginning, I will admit to you that I haven't been afraid to whip out the old digital thermometer and shove it in my mouth to see how "98.6" I am. You notice I didn't say "normal"? I've come to find out that my body temperature sits a little lower than the standard. I must be a really cool guy...

Try not to laugh.

I will also tell you that I believe I know someone who was exposed to COVID-19. While they got very ill and had a lot of the symptoms, this was well before the pandemic so the person who I think may have had it rode it out and is now okay. While I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on the radio, I'd bet a nickel that it was COVID-19. I tell this person all the time that I think they should go and get one of those antibody tests. It certainly wouldn't hurt to know.

Do you think you may have ever been exposed to COVID-19? Well according to News 10, there are a few urgent care locations in our area where you can get the antibody test. This of course is a test that will tell you if you have indeed had prior exposure to COVID-19 and you have built up an antibody to the Coronavirus. While it is not a guarantee that an antibody means you will then be immune to getting the virus again since COVID-19 is so new, experts say that getting this antibody test is certainly a big positive in helping to reduce the spreading of the virus.

Get more information here from News 10 about the test and the urgent care locations where you can get it.

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