Americans are moving slowly but steadily toward fully embracing the Trump doctrine of America First policies. It is appearing more and more likely that the Democrats and their only message of Trump is awful and we are not Donald Trump will sink back into the swamp from which they came.
In California Democrats have spent tens of millions of dollars to persuade voters to remain on the doomed train of Marxism but they are not just going for the ride. Millions jumped yesterday and the November Midterm elections look like anything except a blue wave upon further examination.
Trumps agenda of dumping bad deals like TPP, The Paris Climate Accords and the atrocious Iran deal along with cutting taxes, securing the borders and sending real conservatives like Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court seems to be winning that battle of ideas.
Well, that is if you can call raising taxes, opening the borders, defending sanctuary cities and confiscating guns from law abiding citizens actual ideas. Despite the river of money it seems the Blue Wave continues to dry up in front of our eyes. In three districts that Democrats had targeted as key races to take back the House of Representatives not only did Republicans do well they actually took well over 50 percent of all votes cast.
And in the race for Governor Business man John Cox cruised to an easy second place finish in the Jungle Primary and that means he will face off against Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome who is running on doubling income taxes and raising property taxes too.
The real race if Newsome wins is one to the nearest border as residents flee to Nevada and Texas

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