There's a website for that, and it's called the Mask Map.

Screenshot From
Screenshot From

Basically, it is a website where customers can rank businesses on whether or not their employees are wearing masks while at work or not.

This new app comes from a Reddit thread, "Michigan Unsafe Biz," according to WILX.

A local store got an anonymous review roughly two weeks ago, claiming the two works there weren't wearing face masks, while another store up the street had employees wearing masks.

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The website is basically a map version of Google Maps. You search your area, and can then determine if restaurants, stores, and other businesses are enforcing face masks or not at this time.

On top of that, you can add onto the site yourself, and say businesses are not using face masks, or are using face masks.

Would use this interactive map to possibly determine your next location of business, or even report businesses?


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