So far, 718 students from the University of Michigan had their access revoked from the institution on Monday, for not following COVID-19 protocols, according to FOX 17.

This isn't the first time the university has denied access to their students either. Certain students were unable to access buildings with their Mcard back in March due to not following restrictions.

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“Despite our excitement and optimism around expanded eligibility and opportunities for COVID-19 vaccines, at this point of the pandemic, when around others we must continue the practices of social distancing, wearing a mask, routine testing and other proven mitigation strategies to slow the spread of the coronavirus,” associate vice president of student life for health and wellness Robert Ernst said, who is also the executive director of University Health Service.

Graduate, professional and undergraduate students were among those who got their Mcards deactivated.

At this time, all students must have a COVID-19 test, those who fail to do so will get their access to buildings on campus revoked. Anyone planning on entering any U-M building or attend any campus events must have the ResponsiBLUE app. The app is a daily symptom checker, and students must display their weekly testing status in the app.

This wave of students being locked out is higher than it was in the first lockout back in March. The first lock-out had a number of about 375 students.

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