Within hours of the massacre at a gay nightclub by a Muslim terrorist in Orlando, Donald Trump said it was time for those in the tightly knit community to start speaking out.

Trump surmised that there were those that knew about the plans of Omar Mateen to slaughter innocent people. Low and behold there are several stories surfacing now that his wife Noor Salman has in fact confessed to the FBI, she did indeed know about his plans and was aware that he had purchased firearms prior to the shooting that left at least 50 people dead and dozens more maimed and injured.

Trump said when it is learned that there are people who are aware of terrorist attacks prior to them happening they must be held accountable. I agree.

The truth is Trump was right again about impending attacks and their origins. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have run from the fight and from the term Islamic Terrorism for years. In the past 24 hours both have finally used the term and said it means nothing.

I disagree.

To identify a problem you simply must call it by name. You must name your enemy so you can focus on destroying them before they kill more innocent people here in America!