ISIS has shown on several occasions that they are a force to be reckoned with at least as far as random deadly attacks are concerned. Will ISIS defeat the US this way? No, of course not but our willingness to rationalize and explain away each attack as coming from this ‘radicalized person’ or its just a random attack opens us up to more and more of these blood baths.

Our President is willing to blame gun laws or a lack thereof and the National Rifle Association for the murderous rampages of madmen. Our Congress is full of people willing to blame conservatives and Christians and ignores the truth about Radical Islamic Terrorists. Some people say it’s our fear of Muslims that fuels this rage against us. Some say it’s our focus on a single religion that is the root of all this bloodshed. Some say it’s because we support Israel.

I say it’s because we have lost our way and don’t have a solid foundation right now to fight the fight the way we should.

We have now learned that ISIS certainly is a lot more accomplished than the JV team. In fact we have learned that the latest bloodthirsty killer may have had his sights set on Disneyworld as his primary target.

I wonder what would have been said then? Mickey Mouse is too American or Goofy and Pluto are just too offensive?

One thing’s for sure; one thing America makes plenty of these days is excuses!