The left wing media is once again going bananas after President Trump took the issue of professional football players taking a knee instead of standing for The National Anthem and he hit it head on. He took smash mouth politics into the trenches of the NFL and he is going to win. He is saying what millions of Americans have been thinking for a long time. He told NFL owners to get the situation under control with their players and if somebody chooses to disrespect America and the Star Spangled Banner, Trump told a rally in Alabama they should, “get that son of a bitch off the field!”


There are too many people who have given their last measure of devotion to this country by laying down their lives. Nobody out here in the real world is interested in hearing from privileged multi-millionaires who want to portray that somehow the nation that has created the environment that turned them into some of the wealthiest people in the world is unfair to them. Nobody believes these people are victims. Nobody.

Meanwhile the ratings for the NFL are plunging. I am among those that will not support with my time or my money any team that allows its players to kneel and insult my country and those that have fought for it. And I am not just talking about the military but the single moms who are working 2 jobs and believe in this country, the guy who helps his elderly neighbor, the young couple trying to raise their kids to respect the flag and the country. These repugnant professional athletes should be ashamed of themselves but it appears they have no shame.

What about the African American singer that sang the anthem in London? Is he somehow doing the wrong thing? Of course not.

I first wrote about this in January;

You see when it comes right down to it people care more about this nation than they do about some sports team and they are not about to continue listening to the constant refrain of ‘America is bad and we are victims’.

Frankly people have had enough of this negative non-sense and they are ready for someone who will cheer them on to greatness. If that means hanging up their fan cleats well then so be it.

Hey National Football League; you’ve been warned

With ratings tumbling it seems they are not getting the message. That’s ok. I survived one baseball strike but not two. If the NFL continues to kick dirt in the face of real Americans I will never be back. Even if the Lions make it to the Super Bowl, which is something I have been hoping for over the past many decades, I will still not come back. I will not watch. I will find something different to do on Thanksgiving as well. I’m serious. If the league cannot get these spoiled, petulant brats under control I will find a better place to spend my money and better institutions to support.

With so many problems in the league and people tuning out it seems Roger Goodell the NFL commissioner might want to get a reality check. Ratings are plunging already this year and this controversy will make it worse.

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