Clean up on Pennsylvania Avenue, it's happened yet again! Another truck got opened up like a sardine can attempting to go under the Pennsylvania Avenue bridge.

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For those of you not familiar with this bridge, at least once or twice a year, we see a truck smash into the top of the 12-foot-tall bridge, which appears to be a little too small for most Semi Truck Drivers.

Penn Bridge Be Like, "Free Coke Anyone?"

If you missed it, a Coca-Cola truck, attempted its luck in trying to go underneath the bridge right next to Potter Park Zoo. I think we both know who won that battle there...

As seen above, the top of the Coca-Cola truck was opened up like a sardine can.

But, why exactly is this bridge such a problem?

The Problem With Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge

The dilemma on why we can't raise this bridge any higher than it already is is with the railroad tracks that currently go across them. You can't raise the bridge without raising the tracks stretching either way... I mean, you could, but that would be a hefty money project that would affect this still-busy rail line.

This bridge has been taking out truck drivers' loads for over 50 years now.

Meme Check: Penn Avenue Bridge

We couldn't skip out on providing you with a few great reactions to this bridge... it would be a crime against us if we failed to.

The comment section from the Lansing Facts Facebook group definitely made my day, read a few here.

"You can tell they ain't from here 😅 cause rule #1 is don't drive semi's under it. Rule #2 if it's raining avoid that part of pen at all cost" - Calz Snow

The rain point, is a great point.

"But Google Maps promised I’d fit" - Paul Jones
That kids, is the Michael Scott dilemma, of not following and trusting your GPS to a T.
"About a month ago I was thinking man it’s been awhile since anyone hit the bridge…. Weird lol" Gabriel Workman Villa
Gabriel, I take ownership here too. I was literally walking right by the Pennsylvania Bridge and saying to my friends how this bridge constantly takes out truck drivers.
"This is why I drink Vernor's." Steve Ledyard
Ope, your Michigander is showing.
"Welp, I'm expecting to see a "now hiring" sign when I drive by Reyes Coca-Cola on my way to work." Del Newcombe
Del, I'm hoping not, but understandable.
"Can we start painting silhouettes of trucks on the side of the bridge for each confirmed kill, like WWII aircraft?" Jeph Gingergiant
There's already so much art there. Why not?

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