The emerging Democratic platform for 2018 and 2020 is becoming clearer by the day. It includes tax hikes, open borders and elimination of your Second and Fourth Amendment rights under the Constitution. It is a full embrace of failing policies in pursuit of some imagined Utopia they insist will exist as long as there is more government to guide your every move.

Last week a herd of formerly moderate Democrats led by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer put out their plan for infrastructure investment in America. The plan was nothing more than a diagram to rollback the ever more popular tax reform package signed by President Trump in December. The statement, which is co-sponsored by Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow and radical left-wing independent Bernie Sanders among others calls for raising the corporate income tax to 25%. This despite the surge in jobs, pay rates and bonuses over the past three months delivered in response to the Trump initiative. In addition the Democrats would restore Alternative Minimum Tax that pummels the Middle Class in America. Also on the laundry list of tax hikes the Democrats are embracing is putting the death tax back in place, increasing the top marginal tax bracket for individuals and closing the carried interest loophole.

In Indiana, Democrat Dan Canon is running for Congress and is promoting getting rid of tens of thousands of federal agents that are focused on National Security and our borders. In fact Canon is among a growing group of wildly radical progressive candidates and activists that are calling for the outright destruction of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. ICE they claim is terrorizing people swept up and deported for being in the country illegally. These radicals don’t want borders at all and support the extremist view that people here illegally should not be deported at all. They oppose enforcement and removal operations, work done on Homeland Security investigations and the enforcement of federal laws in these areas. The Marxist rag, The Nation ran a cover story two days ago promoting the outright abolition of ICE immediately. Canon and The Nation and scores of these radicals sing from the same hymnal and would have us believe that deporting anyone is just confirmation that America is racist and the government is running a bigoted agency with it’s aim to make America white again.

Another Democrat running for Congress and highlighted by The Nation, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez alleges ICE detention facilities are fraught with sexual assault, violence and deaths that are never even investigated. Of course she offers nothing to back up her harsh accusations while demanding an end to ICE altogether.

Democrats in building their message for November and 2020 are suggesting they should be free to select the laws they want to follow and those they do not. When they decide they don’t like the law they demagogue anyone who disagrees while slandering them at every turn. All the while they claim the real reason we have borders at all is to protect White Supremacy, which is laughable but it is deadly serious and sad to boot.

While they are maligning Federal Agents for doing their jobs to protect America and demanding we raise taxes they are also focused on stripping you of your Second Amendment Rights. In fact one bill put forth by Democrats would eliminate more than 200 firearms immediately. They call these assaults on liberty “common sense gun laws.” The truth is most of these laws will have little or no impact on violence in the country or eliminating a mass shooting from occurring. They know that and so do you. So after the guns are outlawed and taken away another outrageous atrocity will take place and the same cries will fill the street, “never again.” Another series of ‘common sense gun laws’ will be unveiled to “protect the children.” This pattern will repeat itself until the ultimate goal of the Progressives is achieved and that is the total destruction of any civilian gun rights in America.

At the same time the fringe left will kick and scream about how evil police officers are in The United States. They will yell at the top of their lungs that any time a person of color is killed, even if the officer of color as well, that it is because of systemic racism. They will demand investigations and ramifications for the death of every single minority. Weird huh? I mean the government is the answer to everything under the sun on one hand and the evil destroyer of life and liberty on the other.

At the same time they will embrace the idea of rooting through your social media posts to gain access to everything else you have ever done. They will call for you to lose your job if you have ever uttered anything they find even mildly offensive. They will disregard all due process in pursuit of some Social Justice master stroke as long as it benefits the #MeToo movement.

These are the foundational elements of the Democrats campaign in 2018. This is actually what they believe. I know it’s sad isn’t it? Well, I can assure you with the likes of Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren in the race in 2020, the noise will get far worse.

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