If you're like me, you've got friends and family who think they've already been sick from the coronavirus, in December or January - before anybody knew what it was. A really bad bout of flu. A cold that went on forever. A high fever - higher than they'd ever had before. I've seen it all on Facebook and heard about it from family. And of course, with the stories about people testing positive and not having any symptoms - who knows? Looks like were about to find out.

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Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak is about to start testing blood samples from 38,000 employees and people associated with the hospital system. According to the Washington Post, the tests are voluntary, but it looks like a lot of the employees want the test. Which is great, because then we can start to find out who's got the coronavirus antibodies and is now immune. Those who have the antibodies may also be able to donate their plasma to help patients already sick with coronavirus.

And with Beaumont Hospital doing this, can we, in the Lansing area, be far behind? Let's hope not. I want to find out.

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