A police officer overwhelmed by an out of control crowd of juveniles in Texas has reignited the debate over police brutality and of course racism. The officer, captured on video seems to lose his composure on Friday night in McKinney Texas pulling his gun before slamming a 14 year old girl on the ground.

The debate jumps straight to racism because the officer is white and the teen is black and that’s the story the media wants. The liberal news outlets have run the video almost non-stop to promote the narrative of racist cops in America.

The truth is we have a lack of respect for authority in America. That lack of respect extends from the classroom to the streets. Unless we get this lack of law and order reigned back in we will soon be in a dangerous spiral and it will end with police officers being targeted and killed in larger numbers in the near future.

I am not giving police a blank check by any means but we need to give them the respect they deserve. If we don’t start doing that again soon we are in for a very rough ride.

You have been warned.