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Defending the United States or the U.S. Constitution makes you a rebel in 2015. It brands you a radical, a 'person of interest', or a national security threat. Trusting and believing that Jefferson, Adams, Jay and Franklin were better educated in world history and human nature, than the neo Marxist Democratic party in America today gets you labeled as out of touch or just plain stupid.

Believing in the ideals of free markets and American exceptionalism gets you mocked in the popular Hollywood culture and the mainstream media.

Believing in the Dream that is America is something people make jokes about. Defending this great nation, it's ideals and it's cornerstones gets you labeled as a radical, a bigot, a tea partier or worse: someone who needs to be locked up. You are it seems to progressives are an enemy of the state.

Questioning the President, his failed policies , his deception, his radical lawlessness is a really big no no and it’ll get you labeled a knuckle dragging country bumpkin or a simple low life.

If you dare question the 'science' of global warming and who is profiting from its misguided theology, you're a Neanderthal.

I mean how dare you ask questions in America today! Who the hell do you think you are anyway?

In America you can certainly worship anything you want as long as it's not Jesus Christ. Having strong Christian beliefs and going to church could get you targeted for hate speech.

You can tell your parents you were born in the wrong body at two or three years old and demand to live as a girl and use the girls bathroom even though human biology, science and common sense say you're a boy.

Question this and you're a misogynist.

The real enemies of America- your enemies and mine are those that deny the truth. The truth is we need a lot more truth beginning right now. So lets et started.

The truth is we need a lot more hard work. Hard work is more important to building a marriage, a family, a community and a nation than just about anything else.

The truth is these days that most people are afraid of hard work. Look around.

The truth is getting good high school and college grades is easier today than it was a generation ago. How else would you explain 15 graduating seniors with perfect four point o grade points in a class of 140? It happens all the time. America won World War Two with a collective 8th grade education, think about that for a moment.

The truth is- Islam is a hateful religion that treats women as property and second class citizens, embraces female genital mutilation, applauds amputation for thieves and execution for homosexuals.

The truth is little kids have no idea about sexual identity- unless they are taught that notion by adults. It is often far more damaging to entertain the unusual identity fantasies rather than strike them down. For the record-Hormones are not a hate group and they're also not politically motivated. And no matter what you feel, they are undeniable and real.

The truth is families do matter and they matter a lot.

The truth is America was not founded on slavery or any other such thing. America was founded on fundamental freedoms. America didn't create slavery, she inherited it from the colonial British, French and Spanish. If not for Eli Whitney's cotton gin of 1797- an idea stolen from him by the way- slavery may well have ended much earlier. As it turned out America rid itself of that institution in less than three generations anyway.

The truth is science is an ever evolving pursuit and make no mistake climate is and always will be changing. To declare that climate change is settled science and is the fault of mankind is the epitome of evil and foolishness. Follow the money and you'll see.

The truth is being a police officer isn't a terribly dangerous job compared to others but it does however deserve your respect.

The truth is diversity creates division not unity.

The truth is John Lennon was a lousy guitar player, writer and singer. Sorry but Paul McCartney was the man.

The truth is no matter where you were born, or under what circumstances, you are not a victim. You have a chance today to do something great. You have a chance to make a difference.

The truth is we, America landed on the moon. America landed on the moon a few times. America is exceptional, again look around.

The truth is I, like you, was born with inalienable rights, that cannot be granted nor taken away by tyrants large or small. My human dignity, my conscience, my very beliefs cannot be dictated by another no matter how much they demand it so.

The truth is servitude always begins the same way- with one group of people, overwhelmed by their own arrogance, believing they know what is best for all others. Fueled by power and corruption the servitude states always end up the same, in ruin. The smoldering wreckage of Pol Pot, Stalin, Lenin and Marx should serve as sobering reminders of truth and failure.

The truth is, despite overwhelming evidence over millennia, there are those among us who remain undeterred and are so obsessed with their own version of truth they will return us to the gallows of history and let our blood flow and bodies burn unless we say no more. They demand to voice their truth far and wide while demanding silence from us.

The truth is- the greatest gifts to man, bestowed by his creator, are freedom and liberty.

America has proven since the revolution that men and women, free of the chains of others, can rise to heights never before imagined.

The truth is we are not victims but rather those given the enormous task of lighting the torches of freedom for generations to come.

The truth is our time is now to rise once again to declare I am free, I am proud, I am an American!

The truth is we can leave no better gift for generations to come than an America built on and returned to the principals and pillars of our constitution.

And my friends the truth is we must begin now, to endeavor on this journey together as one nation, one nation under God, one nation indivisible, one nation with liberty and justice for all.

God bless you and God bless the United States of America!