The road to Hell is paved with debt I believe, which is a lot like good intentions. I mean nobody borrows money with the idea they will just blow it off and never pay it back. Well, I don’t think they consciously plan to never pay the money back. At least most people are not like that, but then reality intervenes. Problems that were never expected pop up. The new car you bought breaks down and it’s a lot worse than you could ever imagine. The new job that was great is suddenly gone without warning. Somebody gets sick and the insurance you were meaning to buy but never got to, is nothing more than a pipe dream.

There you are and you’re broke. Your options are few and the decisions you made are coming back like a series of dry heaves. You are literally sick to your stomach. But for government living with the dark storm clouds of debt is of little or more accurately no concern at all. The politicians of all stripes forget all about the many promises they made on the way to their Washington office. They are more concerned with photo-ops and fancy meals. They are more concerned about taking care of their many donors than the countless constituents that will be destroyed by their thoughtless and reckless votes in Congress.

This past week, the President signed a new spending plan bigger than any signed in a decade that will pack on $400 Billion in new spending over just the next two years and also strips away spending caps put into place to keep us safe from politicians who are focused on themselves and nothing else.

The latest foolish “deal” means we will have Trillion dollar deficits over the next several years and at the same time packing more on top of the $20 plus Trillion-dollar debt we have already stuck our nation with. There is no end in sight.

But that is just the beginning because this week the Trump Administration is going to put forth a new $1.5 trillion dollar plan for infrastructure. We are going to be building bridges, roads, tunnels and more. At this pace it seems we could reach a debt of $30 trillion dollars for our kids and grandkids to enjoy. It seems nobody understands how dangerous this all is. Republicans and Democrats stand around blaming each other for this or that and all the while both sides have run us off a cliff at 100mph. I have been on some university campuses over the past couple of weeks and you know what they all have in common? They all have brand new building and facilities with more under construction all the time. I have no idea where all the money comes from but it just keeps coming. Parents and kids are all screaming about how expensive college is but they all flock to the new buildings and think how great all the new stuff is. They too are blinded by the hypocrisy and the stupidity that has infected Americans of all ages.

Why is it so hard to understand that debt, the enormous national debt will crush us all sooner or later?  The road to hell may well be paved by a new infrastructure plan.

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