‘A man in debt is so far a slave’ so said Ralph Waldo Emerson. I posit that a nation in debt creates a nation of slaves willing or not and the knock on the door is coming. Debt is like the Grim Reaper and at some point you have to pay the tab.

The way the United States Congress is conducting itself you’d conclude they must all be drunk and stupid and have lost their minds! Spend more they scream, with eyes glazed over, spittle on the corners of their mouths with our money in their greedy greasy fingers! They care not about the debt they are piling upon us, or the weight it has upon us. In their stupor they are praising themselves and our children and grandchildren whom this debt will land, they don’t give a damn.

They are all to blame except for a select few. Republicans and Democrats alike embracing ever higher spending, which will come from even more borrowing and for what? When you realize you have too much debt you must also accept that you have too much of something else. Republicans will scream that they are keeping America safe by beefing up defense spending and Democrats will crow about how they are looking out for the people by pushing up spending on social programs. The over-stuffed government will only add to it’s already obscene girth.

The notion of controlling spending and getting a balanced budget means absolutely nothing to these fools. It seems they only care about getting re-elected and the money, your money that they blow on everything along the way they think they deserve to have and who are you to complain anyway? They are here to help you and you should shut up and just be thankful they’re here to take care of things.

So what have they done? Well the United States Senate has struck a deal to put a 2-year spending plan in place. It strips out all of the sequestration caps put in back in 2011 to control how much money we blow and it allows for massive increases in both defense and domestic spending. Of course America is flat broke and we don’t have one red cent to pay for these things and we will be borrowing at a rate that has never been seen before.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took a victory lap at the expense of American taxpayers, “I am pleased to announce that our bipartisan, bicameral negotiations on defense spending and other priorities have yielded a significant agreement.” The Democrats were equally as gleeful, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer declaring, “We have reached a budget deal that neither side loves but both sides can be proud of.” Both of those Swamp Lizards are sliding back into the black water unconcerned that their behavior pushes us all farther down into the mire of indebted madness.

The deal peels away the spending controls and allows us to all rack up $400 Billion in all new spending between now and the next Presidential Election. In a word the whole damned thing is asinine.

I think it is important to note what we did not get in return. Republicans, even though they endorsed this drunken spending spree didn’t get a nickel for the border wall or increased security. Democrats got zero for their favorite people, illegal aliens, because both houses of Congress also ignored DACA in this unbelievable deal.

There are a few brave souls that are standing up to the outrageous deal however. They include Republicans Jim Jordan of Ohio, Dave Brat of Virginia and even Justin Amash of Michigan but it appears the rest of the hogs trying to make it to the slop trough of your cash will outgun them. Everyone’s favorite member of Congress Nancy Pelosi meanwhile is demanding that the illegal immigrants better known as “Dreamers” get permanent protection or she will be voting no. It is nice to know that she is standing on principal, which is, give up another pile of money for people here illegally or else I’m going home.

It appears President Trump is thrilled to have the deal but what about the rest of us? Why are we getting stuck with the bag?

And lets be honest; there isn’t any actual security if the nation goes belly up financially. There won’t be any national defense and there won’t be any additional spending on pet programs for kids or seniors. You see when you are out of money that’s it, it’s over and you cannot just keep going. Let me point your eyes south to Venezuela where socialism devoured the most prosperous nation in South America.

“Tax the rich, feed the poor until there are no rich no more,” is the sentiment I keep coming back to. It just seems nobody is thinking about how truly dangerous all of this is.

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