A pretty big ruling came down last Monday and that was a California judge ruled that a cake shop owner does not have to bake a cake for a gay couple.

The Daily Caller is reporting that “Superior Court Judge David Lampe denied the State of California’s request for a preliminary injunction that sought to force bakeshop owner Cathy Miller to design a wedding cake for a gay couple”.

In that article the judge stated:

For this court to force such compliance would do violence to the essentials of Free Speech guaranteed under the First Amendment

The state of California was arguing that if Cathy Miller refused to design the cake for the gay couple, the state of California would force her to close her Tastries Bakery shop altogether.

Close the bakery, are you kidding me.

The whole affair started when two women asked Cathy Miller to design and bake their wedding cake. When they were denied they filed a complaint with the state, alleging that Cathy Miller discriminated against them on the basis of their sexual orientation.

Do you believe that if a baker refuses to design and bake a cake for anyone that their business should be shutdown?

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