The latest victims of political correctness in the name of tolerance are the thousands of women around the world training to represent their respective countries in the Olympics. In one of the most vulgar attacks on women, the International Olympic Committee has declared that ‘transgender women’, which are biological men can now compete in women’s sports. This is the epitome of absolute ignorance.

I hope the liberal progressives can explain to the women they are ‘looking out for’ how it makes any sense that biological men will be permitted to compete against them despite the clear, simple truth that they are physically superior. Here is a portion of the IOC explanation:

“Under the previous IOC guidelines, approved in 2003, athletes who transitioned from male to female or vice versa were required to have reassignment surgery followed by at least two years of hormone therapy in order to be eligible to compete.

Now, surgery will no longer be required, with female-to-male transgender athletes eligible to take part in men’s competitions  ‘without restriction.’

Meanwhile, male-to-female transgender athletes will need to demonstrate that their testosterone level has been below a certain cutoff point for at least one year before their first competition.”

I’m sorry but just because you ‘feel like a woman’ doesn’t make it so. Ingesting regular doses of estrogen and putting on a dress does not a woman make. Sorry, that’s not sexist or transphobic but rather the simple biological truth.

The Libertarian Republic put it best when it published an Op-Ed piece that pointed out the damage this decision will have on women everywhere.

Sadly, those who consider themselves the morality police will unfairly criticize women for expressing concerns over a man’s competitive advantage. Feminism is no longer about putting women first, for women are no longer at the top of the liberal feminist hierarchy; men in lipstick are. Whether or not a woman’s physical safety is endangered or her ability as an athlete is diminished next to that of a man’s is irrelevant.  In a world where men can win women’s awards, use women’s washrooms, and participate in women’s sports, is there really much of a need for feminism anymore?

Yeah that seems to cover it as well as I could.