New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore and some 85 million people were snowed under this weekend. It is the first time since we bagan keeping good records that both DC and NYC picked up more than 18 inches in a single storm. The blizzard of 2016 produced the biggest single day of snowfall in the history of the Big Apple and the second biggest dump of all time. The blizzard is second only to a storm in 2006.

Funny how the two biggest single day snowstorms ever recorded in New York have both occurred in the last ten years.

I am just curious how the Green Nazi’s, Progressives and Democrats will explain that somehow capitalism, America and of course Republicans are clearly responsible for the storm, that it underscores Global Warming, unless you’re just too stupid to understand.

Anyway- maybe they will have more time to think about it after they dig out from the 30 inches of snow.