The Onion, along with The Hard Times, are two of the best satirical websites around. For those who don't know, they're two very popular websites that print fake news stories that are meant to be comical and ironical. A most recent post about a woman who wanted to get away from the Minnesota winter move somewhere warmer mentioned Kalamazoo.

In the article they state: "Admitting that this week’s extreme wind chills were starting to get to her, Minnesota resident Anne Mauer confirmed Tuesday that she’s seriously thinking of packing it all up and moving somewhere warm like Michigan. "“The winters here can be so brutal. Maybe it’s about time I go someplace down south like Detroit or Kalamazoo.”""

The article is pretty humorous considering they state things like, "I visited my sister in Ohio last Christmas, and the lowest it ever got there was, like, 10 degrees. It was so nice." Ya, we sure are living lavishly with our -14 degree weather in Kalamazoo, but at least it's not -25.


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