Question for the day.

Let me first state that it is cold, really really cold.  When I came to work this very early morning my vehicle’s temperature gauge told me it was -10 degrees.

By the way did you noticed that I said “when I came to work”?

Is it dangerously cold, well all the experts say it is and I trust them on that one.  In fact the Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer thought it was cold enough to shut down all of the state government offices for business.

Schools, universities and pretty much anything that has to do with non-private industry and somehow touched by government is closed for not only today but most of the week.

Again I am not challenging the fact that it is cold, as I stated it was -10 degrees when I came to work this morning and they say that the wind chill will bring that air temperature down to -25 to -45 degrees.  That, my fellow Eskimos, is cold and dangerous.

I have one simple question, if Governor Whitmer thought it was cold enough to shut down state government to presumably save lives then why did she not shut down the entire state?

She would not have to tell private businesses - you know the ones who actually make this all work and pay their salaries - that they must close their businesses.  Governor Whitmer could have simply made the declaration that all roads in the state of Michigan are closed to traffic except for emergency vehicles.  I lived outside of Philadelphia back in 1996 when all of the roads in the eastern part of the state were closed due to an extreme amount of snow and cold, it was illegal to be on the roads.

Why am I making this point?  Because if Governor Whitmer believes that due to the extreme cold she must close the state of Michigan for business to protect state workers, then why not protect the private sector workers as well?  Are we not all equal in the eyes of the government?

Just a thought from someone who came to work this morning.


Courtesy of Renk
Courtesy of Renk

Keep warm and snuggle up with your loved ones!

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