What’s the big deal about a state border? Usually, not a heck of a lot. But it is in the case of the point where Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana all meet.

For three years – from 1834 to 1837 - Michigan & Ohio were in a squabble that historians have dubbed “The Toledo War”, where residents & officials from both states were arguing where the defining border line should be. At the time, part of Toledo was in Michigan territory, and Michigan refused to give it up to Ohio. The arguments got so heated, that men from both Michigan & Ohio started brandishing firearms and got ready for a bloody battle. But it didn’t happen. A war was averted when Michigan was given the Upper Peninsula (much to the dismay of Wisconsin) in exchange for Ohio’s ownership of Toledo.

As for the border of Michigan and Indiana, they still have no precise location.
Why? What’s the problem?

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Mlive says the problem lies with the original boundary survey in 1827. Eleazer Kendrick was the person who handled the survey, using wooden stakes as boundary markers. These stakes were pounded into the ground, marking off 104-105 border miles and five more to the two states’ connection with Ohio. The stakes vanished over time. Made of wood, they could have rotted and fallen apart from the elements, or disgruntled residents may have yanked them out in an act of defiance. Either way, they’re gone.

There has been an ongoing government attempt to absolutely define the border locations, but for now, people from all three states accept the fact that this particular spot is where the three states hook up.

What they have to go on is a little square in the middle of Cope Road, a countryside dirt route out in the extreme southwest corner of Hillsdale County. Brush the dirt off the square and you’ll see a large “M” that marks the spot where all three states meet. There is also a stake that separates Michigan from Ohio, and a green sign telling you you’re on the Indiana side.

Check out the photos below…this makes a pretty interesting little roadtrip for a few good selfies or a video.

Michigan-Ohio-Indiana Border


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