Many of us enjoy a cold one on occasion, whether it's a beer, carbonated beverage or other delights. When the pandemic hit, alcohol consumption jumped through the roof. That’s a lot of cans and bottles, and with restrictions due to the Corona 19 virus, returnable containers that we return to the store to get our deposits back have not been accepted for over two months.

Now if you have a large family, imagine the amount of returnables that are collecting in homes all across Michigan. And with the recycling stopping, that means the companies that depend on these products to produce new containers, now have to purchase new aluminum or plastic, which costs more than the recycled material. That expense will be passed on to consumers. MLive reports there are 500 million cans worth 50 million dollars sitting in homes all across our state. Estimations show that number increasing by 70 million every week.
We don’t know when returns will be allowed, but we do have a suggestion of how you can get rid of your returnables and do some good for our Community. The folks at Habitat for Humanity are accepting cans and plastic bottles and will put the funds to good use “Building homes, communities, and hope in the Capital Region.”

Here’s how to donate to Habitat for Humanity and get rid of your recyclables:

(1) Rinse your recycling and separate cans, and bottles (plastic only, NO GLASS) into separate bags
(2) Drive through the Lansing or Williamston ReStores during drop off hours, follow instructions posted at the stores, and pop your trunk for a contactless donation
Here’s more information where you can donate your recyclables:
Donation Hotline
(517) 575-8152

Lansing ReStore

1941 Benjamin Drive
Lansing, MI 48906
Tuesday–Friday, 9 am–6 pm
Saturday, 10 am–3 pm
Closed Sunday and Monday
(517) 374-6235

Williamston ReStore
954 E Grand River Avenue
Williamston, MI 48895
Tuesday–Friday, 9 am–6 pm
Saturday, 10 am–3 pm
Closed Sunday and Monday
(517) 655-1872

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