It is so predictable for the liberal media propagandists to deliver gun control sermons almost on command whenever America is visited upon by horrible violence involving guns. The attacks targeting all gun owners, the NRA and of course all Republicans are just as predictable.

This time the liberal PR TV machines (formerly known as news networks) are also grinding out the ubiquitous anti-Trump messages in a flailing combination. They are laying the gruesome attack on a high school in Parkland, Florida that left 17 dead at the feet of President Trump. This is of course absurd for a host of reasons but they don’t care about logic they are on a crusade to save you from your country. They are loudly blaming Trump over and over again for his alleged failure to implement “common sense guns laws” among other shortcomings.

I believe somebody needs to stand up to explain the obvious and not let such farcical claims go unchallenged because if we do somebody may end up believing those lies. So lets make this clear, President Trump is not to blame for the grotesque attack on innocent school kids and their teachers. Yes, this should be clear to everyone but apparently it is not.

For the more dedicated members of the resistance let me explain in detail.

First, lets discuss Columbine, which is maybe the most infamous of all the school mass shootings. It happened in April of 1999 during the Presidency of Bill Clinton. Clinton had pushed through an assault weapons ban and had the bully pulpit to make a difference but instead he spent his time hitting it with an intern in a blue dress and not making our kids safe. There have been more than 20 significant school shootings since that day and scores have been killed and injured. Is Bill Clinton to blame for all those deaths and all that heartbreak because of his reckless inaction in 1999? I should point out that in 1999 the country was far more enamored in the idea of gun control than it is today and that would certainly indicate a lost opportunity to the anti- gun crowd. Let that question simmer for a moment as we explore more recent attacks and the lingering questions left behind.

Now lets remember Newtown, which is every bit as disgusting and vile as Columbine where 26 people were slaughtered including 20 elementary school kids. Barack Obama had just won re-election and was at the peak of his political power in December of 2012 when the nation and the world were shocked by the depravity of the attack. Obama had plenty of reason to be discussing school shootings because two such attacks had already happened in 2012 before Newtown. He however did nothing in response to those incidents.

In February of 2012, 3 kids were killed and three more injured, one permanently following a shooting at Chardon High School in suburban Cleveland. Obama said he was “heartbroken” and was praying for the victims. In April that year, 7 students were killed at Oikos College, a Korean Christian College in California. Once again Obama offered prayers and condolences but no legislation. A few months later the bloodshed at Newtown would bring the nation to a standstill.

There was plenty of wall to wall coverage but Chris Matthews and Chris Cuomo never blamed Barack Obama for his failure to get “common sense gun laws” passed even after the other two massacres earlier the same year at schools in Ohio and California. Obama missed an opportunity to put gun control front and center but opted to focus on re-election instead of new policies on guns. It seems he was far more concerned about political expediency than any proposal that could cost him votes.

So you have to ask yourself some pretty straightforward questions: was the Columbine school massacre President Bill Clinton’s fault? Were the killings at Oikos, Chardon or Newtown the fault of President Barack Obama? The answer to all of these questions is no, they were not and that is pretty obvious.

Do not expect the left to let up on these wild and reckless ideas however. It seems CNN and MSNBC are in a battle to see who can say the most hateful things about President Trump most often. Therefore they will make absurd accusations, which include blaming Trump for the kids killed in Parkland. They make these outlandish comments even though we now know the FBI failed to pursue some very direct warnings that the killer should be considered a serious threat to commit a school shooting.

The left is also blaming anyone who owns a gun or believes the Constitution is correct in the rights in outlines. You of course have nothing at all to do with such heinous acts but you will be vilified despite that obvious fact. The targeting of ordinary Americans will continue unabated until people stand up and say no, I will not be your scapegoat. Don’t be afraid to be the person that stands up and says I am no longer going to be bullied by you and your bs.

Donald Trump is not responsible for the killings in Parkland, Florida. Bill Clinton is not responsible for the deaths at Columbine and Barack Obama is not responsible for the killings in Newtown. Once we get a handle on these very basic truths we can maybe get started on a productive conversation that will begin to bring to an end this era of wanton slaughter in our schools. But as long as the left wants to blame anyone who supports the Second Amendment for every person killed by a gun, then we will not make any progress at all.

Don’t you think our kids deserve better?

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