The big discussion these days, as is always the big discussion after mass shooting tragedies is around gun control.

So let us focus on gun control because that seems to be the big border wall when it comes to attempting to solve or attempt to have a solution to decreasing mass shootings.

Will gun control stop or greatly reduce mass shootings?

One side states that it can and will, the other side states that it will not.

Let us first look at gun control as a solution.  For people who do not believe it is a solution the gun control people must explain to them how they believe slowing or stopping people who are otherwise law abiding will actually keep the guns out of the hands of criminals and evil people.  They must also explain to the other side of the debate how a criminal or evil person will not be able to obtain guns illegally.  So how does stopping law abiding citizens keep the guns out of the hands of criminals or evil people?

Now looking at the side of the debate, those who believe gun control will not stop criminals and evil people from acquiring guns.  They must attempt to explain why it will not stop these criminals and evil people from acquiring those guns.  I think the answer is self-evident.  People who are determined to commit criminal acts do not care about the law which is why they are criminals.  People who are determined to commit evil acts do not care about the law and most likely have some amount of insanity that they are dealing with, thus a law will not stop them.

So the question too many of the gun control will not work side of the debate are wondering what is truly going on with the gun control will work team.

Could the actual end game of the gun control side not to actually control guns but control people here in the United States?  I people there are many uninformed people who truly believe that controlling guns will stop or slow these shootings down but I am not addressing them.  I am addressing those who actually have the power through their politicians to actually stop legal abiding citizens from owning guns or at least going down that path.

Think about it, once this gun or that rifle is banned and these shootings continue to happen what next.  Do you think the gun control team will stop there?  No they will not, they will then go after the powerful pistols that have magazines that can hold 17 bullets or more.  Right now a 9mm pistol has a magazine capacity of 17 bullets.  You can kill or harm a lot of people with 17 bullets and then reload in seconds.

I believe that the outcry we are hearing today for gun control has nothing to do with protecting Americans and legal citizens from violence. I believe it has to do simply with hatred.  Hatred of people who do not believe in the same government policies as others.  I believe if we look further you will find that the side that wants gun control really just cannot stand that the other “team” will not go along with their governmental policies of “controlling” the people.

I believe that “team” just hates, and I do not use that term lightly, the people who elected President Trump and more importantly the reason why they voted for President Trump, by that I mean the movement behind him.  That “team” hates what some call red America, they hate rural America and they hate bible thumping gun-owning Americans.

Liberals are still in charge of most of the major governmental and bureaucratic institutions in this country, and they most of all detest the self-rule of an armed population. They want to bring a shared punishment for the crimes of a few. They seek to eradicate a foundational constitutional right rather than trying to lessen its downsides.

They want to call it gun control, but I believe it is not that at all, it is people control.

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