On November 22, 1963 William Clay Ford, Sr. purchased a controlling interest in the Detroit Lions. Since that time, the Lions have exactly one play-off win. The team has one win in the post-season in the course of 53 years. ONE!

One and twelve in 53 seasons under the ownership of the Ford family is not the kind of record anyone would be proud of. Pathetic seems far too kind for this ownership’s long-term failures. The Lions placed first a total of three times in 53 years and qualified for the playoffs only 12 times in 53 years. They Lions are 342-470-14 in 53 years.

The only constant over those 53 years, aside from futility is the Ford family, a family who apparently doesn’t care much about winning on the football field. The Ford family seems quite content with making money but anything else is unimportant. You would think at some point there would be enough pride to demand a change in direction and a chance to pursue a winning team.

By comparison the Lions won 4 championships in the ten years leading up to the purchase by the Ford family. In the 53 years since there has been one measly playoff win.

It’s tough being a Lions fan it seems. I’m not much of a fan of the team but I know many long-suffering supporters that just hang in there year after year. I will pay attention on occasion when they deliver false hope on Thanksgiving only to have it dashed by New Years.

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