We all know we have some pretty crappy roads in our state, and our city is no different. Politicians keep raving about our poor roads, and keep making promises, but most roads still have issues. Insurance companies track traffic accidents, so they are able to figure out the worst places for accidents in our state. Of course intersections are logical locations. We have some real doozies here in the Lansing area.

I actually drove through the worst intersection in Lansing today, and it’s always scary getting off 127 Northbound at Saginaw, and I usually make a right there on Saginaw. The problem is you have to cross two lanes of traffic on Homer Street to make that right, and you can’t see what’s coming. Whoever designed that exit and intersection, needs their head examined!

I’m sure you have navigated that one before yourself, so you know what we have to put up with during our daily drives around our city. And the fact that maybe about 10% of people here drive the speed limit, makes these dangerous intersections even more dangerous, everyone is in a hurry.

I admit it, I’ve always had a lead foot, but after living here in Michigan for 19 years, I’ve slowed down a bit. When I was ride sharing for a while I saw people running red lights every day. When you are on our roads for hours every day, you see some scary stuff.

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Here are the 10 most dangerous intersections in Lansing based on the number of accidents at the intersection. Read and heed! And as always, please drive safely out there.

The Most Dangerous Intersections in Lansing

These are the most dangerous intersections in Lansing based on the number of accidents.


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