As part of the next phase of coronavirus relief, some Members of Congress want to extend unemployment benefits. However, the $600 unemployment bonus is having a counter, negative effect as many businesses cannot entice workers to return to their jobs. Thousands of employees simply refuse to return to work because they can actually make more collecting insurance benefits.

Here are a few other examples and sources of why Congress needs to let this lapse.

A recent editorial by the Washington Examiner urged Republican leadership to reject an extension to the bonus.

As reported by the Washington Times, small business can’t compete with the generous unemployment insurance benefit.

In a recent op-ed in the Washington Examiner, FGA VP of Communications Nick Stehle discusses ending the unemployment bonus.

Commentary from FGA senior fellows Scott Centorino and Joe Horvath on the unemployment insurance bonus featured in The HillWashington Examiner, and Townhall.

The CEO of the Foundation for Government Accountability, Tarren Bragdon discusses why Congress must let the unemployment bonus to expire as scheduled, and why extending it would crush small business and punish workers. Check out the interview to future the conversation.

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