If you've been wondering when they'd be back, wonder no longer!

Tannin Italian Eatery in Lansing has reopened!

Tannin is Now Open

This Italian restaurant and wine bar on Michigan Avenue has been closed for several months now. Back in April of this year, they posted to Facebook noting that they would be temporarily closed due to staffing issues.

So many patrons expressed their sadness in the comments, also mentioning how they hoped that they would be able to reopen soon.

Now, the wait is over.

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Just a few days ago, Tannin announced on their Facebook page that they are "gearing up to reopen". They're training new staff, they've got limited seating, the phone number and hours have changed, and they've got a new menu that they're serving up. But one thing that hasn't changed, is how excited they are to be open again.

Hundreds of people reacted and commented on how excited they are that Tannin is reopening, too. It seems that Lansing has missed one of its favorite local dining spots. So much so, that the ever-popular and growing Lansing Foodies Facebook Group is full of pictures and comments of people who have already returned.

I'm happy to see that Tannin was able to reopen and did not go the way of so many other businesses that have had to close their doors due to staffing issues.

If you'd like a yummy meal and a chance to support a small, local business, maybe take a look at booking a table for dinner.

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