You've gotta love it when small businesses get featured on the national level. Especially when that small business is located right here in Lansing!

During his opening monologue on The Late Show on Monday, November 29th, Stephen Colbert talked about a new initiative that the show is promoting; shopping small.

Shop Small in Lansing

To help small businesses that might be struggling during the pandemic, Colbert encourages his fans to post about a small business that could use a boost using the hashtag, #ColbertSmallBizBump. Doing so helps get the business featured on The Late Show. And when that happens, the small businesses that end up getting featured end up seeing a huge uptick in sales.

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On Monday night's episode, a small business from right here in Lansing made the show: Preuss Pets!

Check out where you can see them in the clip below. If you want, you can skip right to it in the video. The small business segment starts at the 3:19 minute mark, and you'll see Preuss Pets around the 4:56 minute mark.

How neat was that?

Granted, the clip wasn't very long, and it was no commercial featuring Tom Hanks, but it was still super cool.

Where to Shop Small in Lansing

Preuss Pets is just one of the many local Lansing small businesses that would be perfect to pick up holiday gifts at. With so many local places closing due to COVID, it's important to remember to shop at and support small businesses. Check out the gallery below for more great places from across the greater Lansing area that are perfect places to get holiday gifts.

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