It's time to start sorting out fact from fiction, but that’s what I do. I’m Steve Gruber—God bless America—this is The Steve Gruber Show Wednesday January 29th 2020.

Here are 3 big things you need to know right now:

Number 3—There is no black box to be found in the fatal helicopter crash in California that killed 9 people including soon to be NBA Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant. Weather is the likely cause, BUT we may never know exactly what happened.

Number 2—The defense rested in the impeachment case against President Trump. It happened after just 14 hours. Now we have two 8-hour days of questions—the big unknown continues to be witnesses and documents. Friday could be all the marbles. Right now Mitch doesn’t have the votes!

Number 1—Throughout the whole investigation by Bob Mueller and now the impeachment investigation and prosecution by the House—President Trump has continued to focus on important issues. On Tuesday that meant unveiling a brand new Middle East Peace initiative!

With only 278 days to go until election day and just 5 days until the Iowa Caucuses—we will begin right there.

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