Pay close attention to what everyone else misses? You're welcome. I'm Steve Gruber. God Bless America. This is the Steve Gruber Show for Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

Here are 3 big things you need to know right now:

Number three—Pier One Imports is going to pull the plug on half of its stores across the nation. About 450 locations will be shuttered soon. It could also mean you might get a great deal on stuff there.

Number two—The Department of Justice has suddenly reversed course and is calling for General Michael Flynn to be jail up to six months saying he didn't cooperate the way he was expected to in the Mueller investigation. Funny, that's the opposite of what they said before.

And number one—Mitch McConnell says he has the votes to proceed with the Senate impeachment trial with any additional witnesses being put on the sidelines.

There are 299 days until the election...tick tock tick tock.

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