News Straight From The Steve Gruber News Desk.

Murders were cut in half by the aggressive Federal Government response to Chicago violence and it happened in just 5-weeks. It is amazing what can happen when laws are enforced and police do their jobs.

Joe Biden has a Hispanic problem and it’s a lot bigger than the problem Hillary Clinton had in 2016. Now its not just the Cuban community jumping ship on 3rd trimester abortion and socialism. Other Hispanics are leaving too.

Bob Woodward’s new so-called bombshell book, Rage is being met with strong rebuttals from the most unlikely of people. Most notablyDr. Anthony Fauci, who says he is quoted falsely and that he never heard anything from the President that downplayed the coronavirus at all.

This is of course the latest politicizing of the pandemic, which also includes trying to downplay the possibility that a vaccine will arrive this year and if it does. They claim it will not be real or safe. Talk about crazy!

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