Well, it's almost the end of the line is we're heading toward the end of the decade and I'm here to deliver the truth. As always. I'm Steve Gruber God Bless America.

It's the Steve Gruber show and here are three big things. You need to know for Monday December the 23rd 2019

Number three -  You only have a few days. Is left to finish your holiday shoplifting for the season. Well, that's the idea for one guy anyway, who stuff hundreds of dollars worth of shrimp in his pants and then walked out of the store. Yeah. Nice

Number Two -  two months search for a woman missing in Michigan after what appeared to be a gun fight at a remote cabin 25 miles from Traverse City has come to an end a body has been found. The family says it is woman. They've been looking for closing a very strange chapter will cover it and

And number one -  Republicans laughing at Democrats making demands. How to handle the Senate impeachment trial for President Trump Nancy Pelosi who told us it was imperative. We had to get it done to impeach the president.

He's now so far refused.To send the articles of impeachment to the senate for consideration is so it's all sort of stalled right? They're not going anywhere.

But what's going to happen?

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