Here's what you need to know right now.

Contact tracing teams in New York City have been told NOT to ask about participation in protests and certainly not riots. Of course not. Meanwhile the Karens of the world are howling about the upcoming Trump Rally in Tulsa—hypocrite much?

Beijing is rounding up citizens and locking down the city as some are screeching a second wave of Covid-19 is about to break loose. But others are just so over the entire quarantine that they simply don’t care. I mean look around—people have had it with lockdowns and over-extended power grabs by politicos.

President Trump puts his signature on an Executive Order to bring reform to how policing is done in America and at the same time heaped praise on the officers that are on the front lines every day protecting ordinary citizens from what he says would otherwise be chaos and a very dangerous anarchy.

Inside CHOP formerly CHAZ, the violence only comes out at night when the police remain nowhere to be found—this is your Democrat future!

Along a desolate border between China and India a disputed section between the two nations turned into a shooting war leaving at least 20 Indian soldiers dead in Kashmir. India says Chinese troops also died but Beijing has remained silent for now.

The Department of Justice sues John Bolton in Federal Court to block the release of his soon to be published book—a book some say contains damning information on the President. But what else would you expect? The DOJ says releasing the book would violate National Security. Bolton says it's coming anyway.

The President steps up on law enforcement reform and Democrats reject it across the board—shocking right? I mean after all the Dems are cheerleading John Bolton right now to do whatever he can to damage Trump. They are also hoping the economy stays in the toilet and if not they will embrace a second wave of Covid. Whatever it takes to beat Trump, which they obviously don’t believe they can do without stacking the deck!

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