It's time to start sorting it out all over again. But that’s what I do— I’m Steve Gruber, God bless America, this is The Steve Gruber Show.

Here are 3 big things you need to know:

Number 3—Almost 5 decades after abortion was legalized in The United States there is a rise in anti-abortion sentiment it seems. In fact new polls find 65% of us want significant restrictions on abortion—it’s a big deal in an Election Year.

Number 2— The Corona Virus in China continues to spread even though tens of millions are on quarantine. It seems the crackdown has not stopped the illness from getting hundreds ill and killing dozens more—but just how serious is this?

Number 1— It’s the day the defense takes center stage in the Senate Impeachment trial of President Trump—a preview of the case shows those in his corner don’t believe he has done anything wrong. And certainly nothing to have him tossed out of office.

But first—Basketball superstar and American cultural icon Kobe Bryant was killed Sunday in a California helicopter crash with 4 others.

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