Its beginning to look a lot like—insanity from here—I am Steve Gruber—God Bless America—This is the Steve Gruber Show!


And here are 3 Big Things you need to know right now!


Number 3— Michigan will take on Louisville on the hardwood tonight—pretty amazing the Wolverines were unranked a couple days ago—but vaulted all the way to Number 4 in the AP rankings with big wins—BUT Louisville is number 1—


Number 2— A big gun case got a day in court—but it seems that could be the end of it—which would be a big disappointment to gun owners in America—many of whom were hoping the high court would strike down scores of local ordinances focused on firearms—


Number 1— House Republicans say there is just no evidence that supports impeachment of the President—and say it’s a dangerous precedent—The White House for its part says no thanks to joining the circus—that is unless Adam Schiff takes the stand—we will get to that

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