From the Steve Gruber News Desk.


Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

9-1-1- Portland. The Chief of Police says the riots in the streets and the attacks on Police cannot continue any longer after 70 days he is calling for an end to the radical attacks and the daily violence focused on the police department.

The Democrats launch a very ill advised Election Year attack on one of the oldest civil rights groups in America and the plan to destroy The National Rifle Association by way of a lawsuit filed by a New York Prosecutor. Could cost Democrats seats all across the country  and maybe the House.

Joe Biden reveals once again his deeply embedded racist streak that has become undeniable. Even to those on the left this time in a conversation with a Hispanic journalist with a wink and a nod. Biden confides in him letting him know that he understands how diverse the attitudes and ideas are in the Hispanic community, unlike the African American community.

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