Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

Senator Lindsey Graham takes off the gloves in talking about the FBI misleading not only the FIAS courts about the Steele dossier, but also lying and misleading the Congress about the fictional piece of garbage used to get warrants on the Trump Campaign.

Bill Maher takes the gloves off about Bill Clinton taking his pants off on Jeffrey Epstein's sex island. I mean new documents have been revealed that witnesses all the way back in 2011 were naming Clinton and others among regular guests of the now deceased sex trafficker of underage girls.

Gun sales are soaring. The coronavirus is fading in the sunbelt and Joe Biden is sunsetting in his basement and President Trump is ready to take on the Democrats in fighting for the American people and against the scourge of socialism and marxism in the country. He also continues to call for the schools to re-open along with Boris Johnson of the UK and the United Nations Secretary General.

It is time to send the kids to class.

It is one of the pressure points for the country, so how about the pulse of the nation taken in Ohio?


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