Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

Joe Lieberman says he is weighing in on the most important Senate race in America for the seat Senator Susan Collins is trying very hard to hang onto and even though he was a Veep pick for the Dems. He says she is right for Maine.

So the real whistle blower was not a whistle blower at all according to Byron York. No it was Vindman, the guy who was on the stand when I was interviewing President Trump in the Oval Office last November. Yeah he was the driving force behind impeachment.

Another bomb shell book and another yawn from America. The damning tapes don’t look so damning anymore and the biggest splash is always first. In an effort to sell books, so Bumbling Bob Woodword, who is the same age as Old Joe Biden seems he has lost a step too.

But hey the Democrats have to sell you something besides abortion up until birth, no more fossil fuels, and central planners running your life.

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