Steve Dulan, is a licensed attorney and real estate broker. He is also a Member of the Board of Directors, Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners.

Virginia firearm law.


Steve Gruber: Virginia courts redrew the the district's the voting districts and the Democrats as a result of that one enough seats to take control of Virginia's both houses and of course they have Governor blackface their Northam Virginia that will possibly Outlaw semi-automatic guns create registration creates red flag laws Virginia to be the petri dish of what Democrats and liberals really want to come to gun control and I match that was what Michael Bloomberg's I'll talk about running for president and you say good Lord that's frightening what do you make of all this Steve Dulan: well as I often see the forces of evil and stupidity never rest if your government wants to disarm the general population is because they're about to do something for which they should be shot and that's what's going on we've got people who are totalitarian thinkers trying to disarm the general population under the guise of enhancing save the data is in control does not enhance safety gun control is the criminals best friend we know this it's a failed policy of the past and you got these people like Bloomberg and and like the new legislature in Virginia who keep doubling down on not just stupidity but evil that that that's the position I've arrived at after years of thinking and writing on this subject they don't want you to be able to defend yourself they don't

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