I'm sure that most of us are pretty clear on our current Stay at Home order, but what about motorized boats and other watercrafts?

According to WILX, the Stay at Home order now includes using motorized boats, jet skis, along with other watercrafts.

This doesn't really bother me anyway because I'm not much of a boat man, however, if you are a water lover and enjoy non motorized boating, then you should be fine.

Non motorized boating includes kayaking, canoeing, and sailing, which are all permitted at this time.

People who like to fish are not sure what is or what isn't allowed. The DNR said that it's okay to go fishing, but there are limitations on non motorized boats.

You can have people from the same household in a boat according to the Chief of Parks & Recreation Department.

Basically, motorized boats requiring any sort of gasoline in order to run are prohibited under the extended order. This is to reduce the need to gather when refilling gas tanks.

The Stay at Home order for the time being, ends April 30th.

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