The pandemic we’re going through has created unprecedented times for all of us. Staying home and not working is certainly a recipe for unwanted circumstances. Many have a family to support, car payments, student loans, and rent or a mortgage. Unemployment has been very slow coming for many, due to fraud in the Unemployment Insurance System in Michigan. Detroit Free Press says Michigan is working to fix that, but with over 300,000 fraud cases of people filing for unemployment that were not eligible, it’s a major obstacle in trying to speed up the system. "It’s sickening criminals would put us in this situation," Jeff Donofrio, director of the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity, said in a video conference call with reporters Friday afternoon.

Most states enacted measures that would freeze evictions during the pandemic, as with no income many can’t pay their rent or mortgage. Many businesses extending credit to people are working with those having a hard time paying. Landlords have not been able to evict anyone since the Pandemic was declared, and some want the freeze to continue. The state moratorium on Evictions is scheduled to end this week, and the Governors office says it has no plans for an extension.

WLNS Reports “We are all suffering here,” said landlord Quincy Pearson. “Rent over here is $1,400 for a three-bedroom, one bath,” he said as he showed us one of his units. That’s money that he has been missing out on for the past six months. He would like to get paid, but says he understands that some people don’t’ have the money right now. “It’s a pandemic. If you don’t have the money, what do you do?,” Pearson said. “You have to feed your kids. You got to pay your bills. You got to have the lights on.” “I have kids. We have bills that are due as well and this is an investment. A lot of us landlords, we owe the bank, or we owe somebody for our properties,” said Pearson.

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