Did you know October is actually National Pretzel Month?

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Your Usual Pretzel Stands

Have you ever had a hankering for a good, warm, salty soft pretzel but didn't want to have to go all the way to a mall or somewhere that has a few stands of them?

Sure, there are the frozen ones, but those aren't the same as getting one made from scratch, with love, and some dipping sauce on the side.

Even Twitter has hopped on the desire to get standalone, drive-thru soft pretzel spots like this tweet that went viral a few months ago:

It then caught the attention of Auntie Anne's who took the tweet and overwhelming support behind it and they recently took the idea and ran with it:

Don't Get It Twisted, Try Some Local Pretzel Spots

Of course, there's those corporate pretzel places, but those are mostly in malls and whatnot.

You can't always make it there and how much better would it be to enjoy some nice seating? Maybe an adult beverage (or a few)?

That's why when someone asked in the r/lansing subreddit about where to get soft pretzels in the area, we were all ears too!

Turns out there are quite a few soft pretzel spots in the area from bakeries to breweries, see for yourself:

Best Soft Pretzels in Lansing - According to Reddit Users

Yes, mall pretzels are great, and a drive-thru for pretzels would be the most ideal. However, users on the r/lansing subreddit share there are some pretty great local spots that can tie up some pretty tasty pretzel treats that could beat ol' Auntie Anne's ANY day!

Where's Your Favorite Pretzel Place?

Whether it's local to Lansing or anywhere in Michigan? We're big pretzel people here and would love to go try the best of the best.

Let's celebrate National Pretzel Month the right way, locally!


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