It is fair to say that everyone loves babies.  Babies of all shapes and sizes but what about a 150 pound one.  Warm Springs Ranch in Booneville Missouri is apparently where the famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses live when they are not on the road traveling and performing gigs.

According to reporting by KHQA, one of their Clydesdale horses gave birth to a baby boy.  A baby boy that weighed somewhere in the vicinity of 135 to 150 pounds at the time of his birth.

I can just hear all you Mothers saying owwwww!

Let us put this in perspective an adult Clydesdales are on average six feet tall, at their shoulders and weigh approximately 2,000 pounds.  The KHQA article also gave us some interesting facts.  They say that these horses “will eat up to 20 quarts of grain, 50 pounds of hay, and drink up to 35 gallons of water every day”.

Now to the Michigan connection.  

According to the Facebook page of Warm Springs Ranch, the names of Mama and Daddy of the new foal are Marcie & Myles.  Because of his parents' names, they named their new foal Eminem.

That would be the same name as Detroit Rapper Eminem.  They could have named him M&M.  

Is there some mysterious connection between the Detroit Rapper and the farm or the horses, who knows?

Enough of my words, let’s look at the picture of the baby Eminem.  Is there a little bit of resemblance to the Detroit Rapper, what do you think?

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Photo: Warm Springs Ranch
Photo: Warm Springs Ranch

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