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Well the national debt is nearly $19 Trillion dollars and Donald Trump one of the favorites to win the Republican nomination says at $24 Trillion there is no coming back- it will be over. And that is just for starters.

How about these other measures:

Gay rights are paramount it seems while religious rights are under attack.

Islamic State is beheading, burning, shooting and slaughtering people by the thousands but a new report says the biggest threat to America is right wing white men.

Hillary Clinton and Lois Lerner illegally deleted tens of thousands of emails in the midst of Congressional investigations and nothing happens. Film maker Dinesh D’Souza gave $20,000 to a political campaign, just over the legal limit and is thrown in prison for a year.

Members of Congress are going to a secret room, signing a non-disclosure agreement reading a document that could radically change everything about international trade, immigration and more but we’re not allowed to know one thing about it. Meanwhile the NSA and an assortment of government agencies can collect information on everything you’re doing 24 hours a day and that’s ok with everyone.

Chris Kyle, the American Sniper, is called a coward and a racist by left wing commentators like Michael Moore. Bruce Jenner dresses up like a woman on a national magazine and is called a hero.

The Supreme Court has twice rescued Obamacare from the ash heap of history and made it the law of the land- for the rest of us. The Supreme Court is exempt from using Obamacare, how convenient.

President Barack Obama continues to negotiate with Iran on a nuclear deal those from all sides say is a bad idea. But he refuses to negotiate with Republicans on just about everything.

Smoking cigarettes is bad for your health, frowned upon and illegal just about everywhere. Smoking pot is medicinal, encouraged and becoming legal all over the country.

When an Arab radicalized follower of the Muslim faith guns downs and murders American military personnel while screaming hateful comments it’s called work place violence. When a white radicalized racist guns down black church goers its called domestic terrorism.

When a short heat wave passes across the nation it’s called Global Warming or climate change or climate disruption. When long record setting cold snaps hit the nation two years in a row it’s called weather.

When a professional football star lets air out of his game balls it becomes a national scandal and is covered for weeks. When American veterans die because they are denied healthcare for months and years it’s forgotten in a few days.

Yeah, I guess all in all everything is going fine.