Thomas Trutschel - Getty Images

Make no mistake it will only take another day or two before the voices begin to rise calling for the American flag to be torn down. Those on the left with their insatiable anger and hatred will scream America is a racist nation built on the backs of slaves and immigrants from places like China and Ireland that were taken advantage of.

The shrill voices on the left will scream America is an imperialist and unjust place where only the rich get ahead and the rest are being taken advantage of.

Many will join in- professors will openly call for removing American flags from colleges and universities from coast to coast. There will be groups of Black and Latino students that will call for the American flag to be torn down from high schools and middle schools.

The American flag will be called offensive and divisive. That day is coming, very soon.

Actually that day has already arrived. The so called Reverend, Louis Farakhan, stood at the altar of Metropolitan AME Church in Washington, D.C. and dealt his hateful liberal venom. He began by delivering a screed saying white people don’t care about those killed in Charleston, South Carolina last week. Then he focused his anger on the flag, saying “What the hell is the use of us paying allegiance to a flag under which we get no justice?”