Win McNamee - Getty Images

The media is on the war path and the focus is the confederate flag that still flies on the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse. The flag is considered by many to represent racial divides and racism dating back to colonial America. It is considered to be an open salute to the Confederacy.

I don’t know why exactly the flag was put up a century after the end of the civil war but it has been a battle ever since. That is about to end as Republican Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina along with politicians from all persuasions is calling for it’s immediate removal.

I don’t see the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism but I don’t see racism everywhere I look like some. I do however think it should be removed but for a different reason. The Union won the war- and therefore the flag of the 11 Confederate States should not be flying over any government building in my estimation. It is not a matter of states rights, it is a matter of who won and who lost and that really is all there is to it. I think it should be removed from any government facility in the United States.

It is not a flag of racism but rather a flag for a defeated nation that sought to destroy our own and should not be given a place of honor, period.